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A Victory for Hospital Workers! Click here to read about the contract that is making a difference in the lives of patients, healthcare workers and their families.


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The Caritas Contract: A Victory for Hospital Workers!

The state’s largest community-based healthcare system and the state’s largest healthcare workers union announced on Friday, December 11, 2010 that they have reached an historic four-year labor agreement that will enhance jobs and care delivery at four Caritas Christi hospitals.  The innovative agreement establishes a series of joint labor-management initiatives and committees to enhance quality care delivery across the facilities.

Contract Highlights:
• All workers will now earn at least $12.62 per hour.
• All workers will receive a 3% raise at the start of the contract and 4% in October 2010 (That’s 7% in one year alone!)
• All workers received a $350 sign on bonus.
• All workers are now eligible for the 1199 Training and Upgrading Fund (Up to 6 credits per semester!)
• Significant job protections including no subcontracting.
• Lower health care premiums – especially for those enrolled in family plans.

Victory dates:
• St. Elizabeth’s – April 8, 2009
• Carney – June 10, 2009
• Union Hospital – July 8, 2009
• Norwood Hospital – October 6, 2009

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